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Festival Images Sonores @ Théâtre de Liège (1)

With this first concert in the familiar environment of the Théâtre de Liège, the instrumentalists of this very original quartet (percussion, electric guitar, saxophone and bass) present a programme of ‘fresh’ works drawing on extremely diverse backgrounds: elements of free jazz and hard core combined into an atmosphere of total ecstasy by Alexander Schubert, a performance with fluorescent tubes by the Danish composer Simon Løffler, obscure sound explorations by Andrea Mancianti, or a prolonged noise universe by composer Kasper Toeplitz.

Tom De Cock (percussion), Maarten Stragier (electric guitar), Vincent Daoud (saxophone) and James Oesi (double bass)
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics

A. Schubert, Superimpose III – Infinite Jest for e-guitar, percussion, sax & electronics (2010)  S. Løffler, ‘b’ for 3 performers (2012)
A. Mancianti, Autophagy I * for e-guitar, percussion, sax, double bass & electronics (2015)

K. Toeplitz, Suspension-agrégat * for e-guitar, percussion, sax, double bass & electronics (2015)

* belgian premiere


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