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Festival Electr()cution (3)

  • Date(s) and time(s): 23.03.2018  -  21:00
  • Place: Brest, La Passerelle
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Jean-Luc Hervé, #3
les sons tournent
(2018) (worldpremière) for contrabass clarinet and acousmatic device 

Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Lettre Soufie Z1
(Zà’) (Ressacs)
for alto, piano and electronics

Luc Brewaeys, Ni fleurs ni couronnes,
Monument pour Jonathan Harvey
for violon and electronics

Martin Matalon, Traces XIII (2017)
for piano and electronics

Gonzalo Bustos, Temps de terre (2017)
for cajón and electronics

Marco Momi, Cinque Nudi (2012)
for saxophone and stomp boxes 

Pierre Jodlowski, Is it This ? (2001) for violin, bass clarinet, percussion and audiovisual device (2001)

Ensemble Sillages
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics

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