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Festival Electrocution 2020 (2)

  • Date(s) and time(s): 28.03.2020  -  19:00
  • Place: Brest, Centre d'Art La Passerelle
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Event cancelled due to the current situation around Covid-19.

The contemporary music festival “Electrocution“, organized by the
Ensemble Sillages, offers unusual ways of listening and a vast field of
musical discovery. This edition 2020 opens a space for a warm and
playful dialogue on how technical evolutions and revolutions are
changing our relationship to music, the way we produce it and the way we
listen to it.

Samedi 28 mars 2020 : Éclat

Jean-François Charles, Petrified for double bass and electronics
Aaron Einbond, Resistance for contrabass clarinet and electronics
Sebastian Rivas, Uqbar for cello and electronics
François Paris, Lecture d’une vague for flute and electronics
Daan Janssens, (…nada.) for cello, piano and electronics

Ensemble Sillages
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics

On Thursday 26 March (7pm), the festival presents an open showcase with a selection from the programmes of 27 and 28 March.

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