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Festival Images Sonores: Tribute to Garrett List – Music for Trees

  • Date(s) and time(s): Thursday, May 12, 2022 (8pm)
  • Price: 31,50 €
  • Place: Liège

Garrettt List, Music for Trees © M. Barzin

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Orchestra ViVo!
Lynn Cassiers, vocals


Third concert of the world premiere of the visionary work Music for Trees by Garrett List, as part of the Mithra Jazz Festival Liège

Music for Trees is a work written in 1986-89, originally for synthesizer and rearranged over time for acoustic instruments. It was never played in its entirety although this was the artist’s wish. Conceived as a tribute to trees around the world, Music for Trees is emblematic of Garrett List’s poetic openness, eclecticism and humanism. The work is divided into 24 pieces that correspond to the 24 hours of the day. Each of these parts is devoted to a kind of world tree.

The program of the concert of May 12, 2022 offers the following works of the visionary cycle:

Electronic Works
4. The Baobab
20. The Cherry Tree of Japan
16. The Willow
21. The Birch

Œuvres for chamber orchestra
2. The Cedar of Lebanon
6. Monterey Pine
12. Black Walnut
13. The White Walnut
15. Eucalyptus
17. The Cypress
18. The Apple Tree
19. The Magnolia
22. The Palm Tree


Tickets for this concert (excluding Premium Pass) are on sale through the Jazz à Liège festival website.

In collaboration with World Citizens Music

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