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Klaas de Vries: Ghaf

  • Date(s) and time(s): 12.05.2016  -  20:15
  • Place: Amsterdam EN, Muziekgebouw aan het Ij EN
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Concert featuring three generations of Dutch composers. While the eclectic music by Theo Loevendie (1930), Joey Roukens (1982) and Wilbert Bulsink (1982) draws from jazz, pop and African music, Ghaf, an imposing work for ensemble and electronics (45 minutes!) by Klaas de Vries (1944), keeps for its part midway between installation and music piece.(photo Teo Krijgsman)

Theo Loevendie, Bons for improviser (soloist Wolter Wierbos)
Joey Roukens, Catching Proteus
Wilbert Bulsink, Op/Weg… geblazen 
Wilbert Bulsink, Prelude Nr 2 
Theo Loevendie, A Dramé
Klaas de Vries, Ghaf

Nieuw Ensemble
Ed Spanjaard, conductor
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics

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