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Stockhausen, Mantra

Concert at the Klarafestival ’18

Duo GrauSchumacher, piano

Mantra by Karlheinz Stockhausen is one of the most renowned cult works of 20th-century classical music. The work is an expanding sound universe, a cosmic dance to a primordial melody. Yet Mantra is also a ritual in sound, an hour-long meditation on the mystical relationship between unity and multitude, uniformity and variation. Analysing all tempi, timbres and dynamics is pointless, the composition revolves entirely around intuition and experience. Andreas Grau and Götz Schumacher are perfectly placed to interpret Mantra. The musical soulmates have had over 20 years’ practice of the work. The GrauSchumacher duo are therefore considered the absolute specialists in performing this hypnotic masterpiece.


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