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Vacancy computer music – live electronics

For the details of this function: see page in French.

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Centre Henri Pousseur is recruiting

Call for applications for the position of Managing Director (m/f/x) — update 1.6.2022 : procedure extended by 4 weeks to 28 June 2022 — Responsibilities responsibility for all studio creation responsibility for all production responsibility for its own programming (Images Sonores and other concerts) awarding of composition grants responsibility for communication and image responsibility for all promotion and logistics of the festival responsibility for monitoring relations with the Royal Conservatory of Liège responsibility for the development of activities and partnerships responsibility for administration and finance responsibility for the daily management of the association responsibility for the management of the team (work regulations, occupational health, salary management) Responsibility for compliance with the tasks set out in the programme contract and its renewal responsibility for all negotiations involving the association (composers, performers, concert organisers, festivals, co-producers) drafting of all documents (activity reports, applications for specific financial aid, applications for specific financial aid applications, press kits, etc.) preparation and follow-up of the accounts (in collaboration with the accountant) Function Design of the missions included in the programme contract. Definition of an artistic project and implementation of its own productions (composers in residence, programming of the Images Sonores festival, national and international collaboration projects, organization of the Henri Pousseur Prize…) Management of the association and its team, of the subsidies it receives and search for sponsors Responsibility for all negotiations involving the association. Representation of the association in the main bodies or events Production and organisation of concerts and festivals organized by the CHP Responsibility for communication and audience development Drafting of activity reports, press kits, applications for specific financial aid Profile Belgian or foreign personality,(m/f/x), holder of a university master’s degree or non-university higher education diploma of long duration, with a thorough knowledge of computer music and mixed music and a good knowledge of the contemporary Belgian and foreign musical world as well as the institutions and powers subsidising in the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Have good communication, negotiation, organization and initiative skills Have good writing skills for the presentation of artistic projects and files Good written and oral skills in French and English Conditions Place of work : Centre Henri Pousseur, Quai Banning 5, 4000 Liège Full-time regime Starting date at the latest on 12/09/2022 The letter of application, together with a curriculum vitae and a note of intent (maximum 5 pages) (maximum 5 pages) should be sent to Stijn Boeve by post and by e-mail to Deadline for applications: Tuesday 28/06/2022

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Festival Images Sonores 2022

The Images Sonores festival, organized by the Centre Henri Pousseur, returns with its 2022 edition to its usual form in spring, with 5 concerts in Liège, from April 27 to May 12, 2022. The event is dedicated to today’s musical writings and “mixed” music: the sound universe where acoustic instruments enter into dialogue with their electronic extension, diffused in space. The 2022 edition of the festival features musical works by Michel Fourgon, Malika Kishino, Sarah Wéry, Henri Pousseur, Gaëlle Hyernaux, Paul Pankert, Jean-Pierre Deleuze, Jasper Vanpaemel, Gilles Doneux, Martin Matalon and Garrett List. Discover the complete program on

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Festival Images Sonores 2021

Due to the health measures in place (COVID-19), this year’s Images Sonores 2021 festival will take an alternative form. A series of concerts will take place in the autumn in Liège, Mons and Brussels, including the premiere of the work Eco Ricercata by Denis Bosse, accompanied by a film by Isabelle Françaix. During the usual festival period in the spring, we will make several recordings of the planned projects. On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 May, Pierre Berthet’s sound installation Chaises Musicales, developed during a residency at RAVI (Liège), will be accessible to the public from 2 to 5 pm in the courtyard between RAVI and Créahm. For information and reservations, please consult the agenda. © Maison SalvanPierre Berthet – Chaises musicales

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Alithéa Ripoll, winner of the Prize Henri Pousseur Prize 2019-2020

A jury, consisting of personalities from the  contemporary music scene such as Michel Fourgon, Marianne Pousseur, Gilles Gobert, Malika Kishino, Claude Ledoux, Daan Janssens and Marie-Isabelle Collart, has awarded the Prize Henri Pousseur 2019-2020 to Alithéa Ripoll. Formed at the Conservatoire Royal de Liège and winner of the André Souris Prize (2015), Alithéa Ripoll will receive a grant for the development of a new mixed piece as part of this Prize Henri Pousseur. The new piece will be presented on 11 December 2020 at the Théâtre de Liège during an evening in collaboration with the Province of Liège and the programme of Ça Balance Musique Contemporaine.

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Cancellation Festival Images Sonores 2020

Given the current circumstances related to Covid-19, the Centre Henri Pousseur, in consultation with all partners, has taken the decision to cancel the Images Sonores 2020 festival, which was originally scheduled to begin on April 30. We regret to have to take this decision today, but given the current situation, it is no longer possible to guarantee the organisation of the festival, as well as the intended artistic level. We deeply regret to disappoint the public and the artists in this way, and we thank everyone for the expressions of support and understanding already received. Together with the various partners, the Centre Henri Pousseur is currently studying the possibility of presenting the various programmes at a later date or integrating them into new initiatives. Several creations of the festival will be to be discovered during the concert within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the Centre in Brussels (the Senghor), on October 24th, 2020. As soon as the new dates of the different projects are decided, they will be communicated through the usual communication channels of the Centre Henri Pousseur. © La Comète

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In the context of the current situation around Covid-19, the following concerts are cancelled: – The concert of the composition & mixed composition classes of the Royal Conservatory of Liège (L’An Vert, 19 March) – the festival Électrocution in Brest, from 26 till 28 March – A Page of Madness, in Flagey (April 2), NTGent (April 3) and Amsterdam (April 25). We will inform you as soon as new dates for these concerts are set.

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50 years Centre Henri Pousseur

Centre Henri Pousseur celebrates its 50th anniversary this year ! A milestone that we obviously do not want to pass unnoticed, and underline with a number of special productions and collaborations. On the programme in February wille be Buñuels L’Âge d’Or with music for 6 percussionists, piano and electronics by Martin Matalon; in the Concertgebouw Bruges we will create new work for cello and electronics by Daan Janssens, with Arne Deforce (cello). And before we release a new edition of the festival Images Sonores, we’ll present in April, together with the outstanding musicians of the ensemble Revue Blanche another new and ambitious score by composer Daan Janssens as part of the film project A Page of Madness (the silent japanese cult film of 1926), to be seen and heard in Flagey, in NTGent, and in the Muziekgebouw aan het Ij (Amsterdam). Have a look at our agenda and be welcome !

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Prize Henri Pousseur 2019

Every two years, a special prize awards a young composer, student of a Conservatory of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles in Belgium. Award Terms: 1.     Enrolled as composer (student or graduated) at one of the three Conservatories of the French community (Brussels, Liège, Mons) or at the IMEP. 2.     The age limit for the competition is 35 years old at the last day of the application deadline. 3.     Providing a detailed biography and a proof of enrollment from the Chair of the institute (enrollment or graduation). 4.     Sending the score and recording (CD or other support) of a mixed music work, together with the score of a piece of your own choice. Application deadline is 8 January 2020 (date of the post mark). More information

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Music Prize 2019 Province of Liège

On 27 November 2019, Centre Henri Pousseur received the Music Prize 2019, awarded by the Province of Liège for its efforts and contribution to the creation of new music, and mixed music in particular.

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Concerts in september and october

New concerts in Venice, Warsaw and Leuven: check our agenda!

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Upcoming concerts June & July

On June 16, composer Paul Pankert will present a new project in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Eupen (IKOB), related to the  Glorious Bodies project by artist Sophie Langhor. Here Pankert places new works in contrast to earlier compositions for recorder, harpsichord and violin.  On 2 July, Centre Henri Pouseur will perform Signale zur Invasion at the Time of Music festival in Viitasaari (Finland), with Thomas Moore (trombone) and Klaas Verpoest (video). Agenda

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Festival Images Sonores 2019

From April 26 to May 26, Centre Henri Pousseur will present the 20th edition of the festival Images Sonores, dedicated to mixed music. For this special anniversary edition, which takes places for the first time in spring, Centre Henri Pousseur has put together a program that focusses on five consecutive weekends. Dynamic art houses and surprising spaces are the stage for a bread spectrum of curent music creations and performances: in Liège at the Musée de la boverie and in the Jardin Botanique and at the park, in Brussels in Flagey and in La Montagne Magique. See all concerts in the agenda !

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Centre Henri Pousseur @ l’Espace Senghor

En février, le Centre Henri Pousseur et l’Ensemble Hopper présenteront 7 œuvres récentes de jeunes musiciens européens, sélectionnées par le réseau ECCO. Le 18 février, Espace Senghor accueillera un workshop avec les compositeurs sélectionnés. Le 19 février, les 7 compositions seront interprétées lors d’un concert.  Le Centre Henri Pousseur sera de retour à l’Espace Senghor en mars, à l’occasion du festival annuel « Deux Visages des Musiques électroacoustiques ». Le programme de ce concert comprend – outre une œuvre pour percussion et électronique du compositeur français Yann Robin – trois compositions mixtes développées dans le studio de Liège (A. Farhang, E. Delafosse, F. Couvreur).

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Upcoming creations

In the coming months, Centre Henri Pousseur will present numerous creations by, among others, Paul Pankert, Christian Klinkenberg, Malika Kishino, Tony Di Napoli, Sarah Wéry, Rutger Muller, Eliott Delafosse and François Couvreur. In addtion to numerous concerts in Belgium, Centre Henri Pousseur will also perform in France, the Netherlands, England and the United States. Discover all details of the programs in our agenda ! © Sarah Anke

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World premiere by Wolfgang Delnui

On 8 September 2018, a new work for overtone singing and electronics by Wolfgang Delnui will be created at the festival Meakusma. More information

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New creations in April

During the performance EMRUZ-Vandaag-Aujourd’hui, three new works wilth electronics will be premiered : La chouette aveugle II (piano and electronics) by Alireza Farhang, as well as Khorram ân ruz (for mezzo, ensemble and electronics) and Lettre Soufie ‘Ain (Maintenant) (for ensemble and electronics) by Jean-Luc Fafchamps. For more information, see our agenda : 24 April25 April26 April A collaboration with the HERMESensemble

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vacancy computer music – live electronics

Applications (curriculum and application letter) must be submitted at the latest on 6/4/2018 See the details of this vacancy (French)

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Prix Henri Pousseur 2017 – extended!

Extended till 31.01.2018 !! Every two years, a special composition prize Henri Pousseur awards a young composer, student of a Conservatory of the Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles in Belgium. With an amount of € 1.500, it consists of the commission of a new work for acoustic instruments and electronics (instrumentation to negotiate with the Centre), to be created  as part of the festival Images Sonores 2018. Application deadline is January 31, 2018 More information

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19th edition of the festival Images Sonores

Du 7 octobre au 17 décembre 2017, le Centre Henri Pousseur présentera la 19e édition de son festival IMAGES SONORES. Six rendez-vous à Liège et à Bruxelles permettront aux amateurs et aux curieux de musique mixte d’explorer cet univers sonore qui fait dialoguer instruments acoustiques et sons électroniques.  Durant le week-end d’ouverture, les samedi 7 et dimanche 8 octobre au Théâtre de Liège, le festival rendra hommage au compositeur allemand Karlheinz Stockhausen, mort il y a 10 ans.  Les jeudi 9 et vendredi 10 novembre, au Musée de la Boverie, le deuxième volet du festival illustrera notamment l’art de l’improvisation collective et de la composition ouverte avec bande magnétique, en collaboration avec le Conservatoire royal de Liège. Le samedi 9 décembre, le compositeur franco-argentin Martin Matalon sera à l’honneur à la Monos Art Gallery à Liège, avec l’exécution de Traces VIII et Traces X, respectivement pour violon et pour accordéon et électronique.  Le programme de cette soirée reprendra également la Passacaille pour marimba et électronique de Pierre Bartholomée.  Le dimanche 17 décembre, IMAGES SONORES revient à Flagey pour son concert de clôture, qui jettera des passerelles entre la musique et la technologie. Dans le cadre du 15e anniversaire de l’accord de coopération entre la Lituanie et de la Communauté française de Belgique, Vykintas Baltakas et le Lithuanian Ensemble Network présenteront un programme avec entres autres Light Music de Thierry De Mey, Music of Falling Sounds de Vykintas Baltakas, et une création de Stéphane Orlando (ces deux dernières pièces ayant été conçues dans les studios du Centre Henri Pousseur).

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Les Octaves de la Musique: the prize-winners !

In the category of contemporary music, the prize winners are Sara Picavet and Benjamin Glorieux with the recording “En blanc et noir”.  The cd contains the following pieces: Trois chants pour mieux voir for cello and prepared piano by Jean-Luc Fafchamps, the Sonata for cello and piano de Claude Debussy, and (…nada.) for cello, piano and electronics by Daan Janssens (commissionned and realized by Centre Henri Pousseur).

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2 nominations pour les Octaves de la Musique 2017

Two recordings in collaboration with Centre Henri Pousseur were nominated for “Les Octaves de la Musique” (category contemporary music) : First, for the label of antarctica, the superb disc “En blanc et noir”, with Benjamin Glorieux and Sara Picavet, and works by Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Claude Debussy and Daan Janssens ((…nada.) for piano, cello and electronics, commissioned by Centre Henri Pousseur) But also this famous exploit and double cd for the label of Aeon, with the works for cello and electronics by Richard Barrett, realized by Arne Deforce, Yutaka Oya and Centre Henri Pousseur was nominated. The award ceremony will take place on May 29.

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Festival « Deux Visages de la Musique électroacoustique » – le 5 et 6 avril 2017 – Espace Senghor (Bxl)

Interactives, mixtes, live electronics, électroniques, électroacoustiques, musiques et textes, paysages sonores ou soundfield recordings, créations radiophoniques ou hörspiel, concrètes, acousmatiques, vidéomusiques… Tant de genres différents  cohabitent  dans ces musiques qui demandent la présence des haut-parleurs. Deux studios de composition reconnus par le ministère de la culture cohabitent en  Belgique francophone : Le Centre Henri Pousseur propose un concert mixte (avec pas moins de 3 créations belges !), Musiques & Recherches  explore  la vidéomusique expérimentale qui associe étroitement la perception visuelle et auditive.

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Festival Images Sonores 2016

From 2 till 14 December 2016, the Centre Henri Pousseur will present the 18th edition of its festival Images Sonores, dedicated to the universe of electroacoustic and mixed music, in which a sonorous world and acoustic instruments interact, debate and merge with electronic sounds. This year the festival presents 5 concerts in Liège and in Brussels.

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Worldpremiere Fixor (Guillaume Auvray)

On Saturday 8 October, Claire Bourdet (violin), Kim Van den Brempt (piano) and Centre Henri Pousseur will premiere the new composition Fixor by Guillaume Auvray (Prize Henri Pousseur 2015), at Théâtre de Liège (8pm).

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Two premieres !

On September 30, Vincent Royer and Centre Henri Pousseur will create Animus II for viola and electronics by Luca Francesconi (Belgian creation), at the Festival LOOP (Brussels, Espace Senghor). On October 8, Claire Bourdet, Kim Van den Brempt and Centre Henri Pousseur will create Fixor for violin, piano and electronics by Guillaume Auvray (world premiere), in a unique evening at the Théâtre de Liège, dedicated to Prize Henri Pousseur and the Prize Ça Balance Classique 2016.

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Prize winner Ça Balance Classique 2016 – Stefan Hejdrowski

The jury of Ça Balance Classique has awarded the young composer Stefan Hejdrowski – who graduated this year at the Conservatoire Royal de Liège – as prize winner of the 2016 edition with his composition Deux leçons d’hiver, for baritone, viola and cello on poems by François Jacqmin. The piece will be performed at the concert on October 8 at the Théâtre de Liège, together with the new composition for violin, piano and electronics by Guillaume Auvray, winner of the Prize Henri Pousseur 2015.

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New release on Aeon – Richard Barrett, works for cello and electronics by Arne Deforce

We’re happy to announce the release of the latest recording by cellist Arne Deforce on the label Aeon, in collaboration with Centre Henri Pousseur and pianist Yutaka Oya. This double cd contains three major works for cello and electronics of the Welsh composer Richard Barrett:  Blattwerk, nacht und träume and life-form, which are among the most original and inventive repertoire for cello and electronics of our time. Blattwerk and life-form were (co-) commissionned by the Centre Henri Pousseur. Website

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Festival deux Visages de la Musique électroacoustique

Annual appointment with this festival, organized by Musiques & Recherches and Centre Henri Pousseur, this year on 1 and June 2 at Espace Senghor in Brussels. 1st of June Musiques & Recherches presents the program Vidéomusiques. Image and sound enrich each other and depict the intimate relationship between the two arts. The evening will illustrate the many possible ways of approaching the meeting points between these two media. Works by, among others, Hiromi Ishii, Wilfried Jentzsch, Chikashi Miyama and João Pedro Oliveira. On June 2 Centre Henri Pousseur invites Sara Picavet (piano) and Benjamin Glorieux (cello), both founders of the collective Aton’&Armide. The program includes in addition to works for solo piano (L. Nono and J. Harvey) and for cello solo (M. Matalon and K. Saariaho), 2 Belgian compositions for duo (G. Auvray and D. Janssens), all with electronics.  Festival 2 Visages de la musique électroacoustique

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New concerts in April and Mai

During the months of April and May we’re having a lot of activities on the program, with concerts in Belgium and abroad (among others Amsterdam, London, Vienna). Including the world premiere of Rituale (David Roberto Rusconi) and a retake of Ghaf (Klaas de Vries). All information in our agenda !

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Prize Henri Pousseur 2015

We’re happy to announce that the Prize Henri Pousseur 2015 has been attributed to Guillaume AUVRAY. Congratulations !

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C’était le festival Images Sonores 2015

A découvrir maintenant: quelques impressions du festival Images Sonores 2015 (cliquez sur la photo).

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Festival Images Sonores 2015

The festival Images Sonores is without a doubt the place to be for electroacoustic and mixed music. Presented by the Centre Henri Pousseur, the 17th edition of Image Sonores takes place at the Théâtre de Liège and has an abundance of musical creations not to be missed. High-profile musicians will interpret a broad spectrum of the contemporary musical repertoire. In addition, an exchange program between the composers and performers present at the festival, and students of the Conservatoire Royal de Liège will be presented. Images Sonores is a place where performers and composers from an exceptionally creative musical scene intersect, and where acoustics, technology and performance reunite.

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Centre Henri Pousseur on social media

Now you can follow Centre Henri Pousseur on our brand new Facebook pagina,  on Twitter and Instagram.

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A new look

Welcome on the new website of Centre Henri Pousseur ! A special thanks to Esther Noben (graphic design) and Tom Dirikx (Nventive bvba).

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