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Babillage : Territoire sonore #1

  • Date(s) and time(s): 03-04.11.2020 - 11am & 4pm
  • Place: Liège, La Courte Echelle
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Music and dance intersect in a sensitive and mischievous dialogue.

Tuesday 3 November, 11am and 4pm
Wednesday 4 November, 11am and 4pm

A landscape of wool, felt and cotton welcomes spectators who settle smoothly on these islands. A cellist and a dancer settle on the edge of this sound and tactile territory.

The surrounding air is filled with the vibrations of Claire’s cello and Caroline’s moving body.The first one makes us travel from harmonies to melodies, inspired by the work of composer Terry Riley. The second delicately seizes the space to create with each of the bubbles of complicity.

With: Claire GOLDFARB (cello and voice), Caroline CORNÉLIS (dance)
Design: Claire GOLDFARB
Outview: Marielle MORALES
Scenography: Anne MORTIEUX, Françoise LESAGE and Zia MARSIAT
Music: Rereading of the piece “In C” by composer Terry RILEY © Associated Music Publishers, INC. Courtesy of Première Music Group
Sound: Xavier MEEUS (Centre Henri Pousseur)
Photo: Jean POUCET
Co-production: Nyash

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