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Festival Images Sonores : Tribute to Henri Pousseur

  • Date(s) and time(s): 19.05.2019  -  18:30
  • Place: Bruxelles, Flagey
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On Sunday 19 May 2019, at Flagey in Brussels, the Centre Henri Pousseur will pay tribute to its founder, Henri Pousseur, who died ten years ago. 

Born in Malmedy, Henri Pousseur (1929–2009) rapidly built up an international reputation as a composer, theorist and teacher. Thanks to his unique vision, he provided an essential stimulus to musical creativity. 

During this evening of music and images, artists such as Bl!ndman, Jean-Pierre Peuvion (clarinet), Toon Fret (flute), Kim Van den Brempt (piano), Claire Bourdet (violin) and the young ensemble Hopper conducted by François Deppe will perform music by Henri Pousseur.

Gaëlle Hyernaux, a graduate of the Conservatoire of Liège and the winner of the 2011 Prix Henri Pousseur, will perform his last composition, De Tenebrer, for guitar and electronics.

Partners in this project: Flagey, Sonuma, Pierre Bartholomée & Ulysses Network.

Ensemble Hopper conducted by François Deppe
Claire Bourdet (violin) & Kim Van den Brempt (piano)
Toon Fret, flute
Gaëlle Hyernaux, guitar
Jean-Pierre Peuvion, bass clarinet
Bl!ndman, saxophone quartet
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics


Joseph Benedek, Les Itinéraires de Henri Pousseur (film, 1978)
Henri Pousseur, Reflets d’Arc-en-Ciel for violin and piano (1997)


Gaëlle Hyernaux, De Tenebrer for guitar and electronics (2019) ***

Henri Pousseur :
Madrigal III for clarinet and ensemble (1962)
Ex Dei in Machinam Memoria for a melodic instrument ad lib. and electronics (1971)
Vue sur les Jardins interdits for saxophone quartet (1973)
Paysages planétaires (extraits) for electronics (2000)
Stèle à la mémoire de Pierre Froidebise for bass clarinet (2009)

*** worldpremière

© Maxime Godard

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