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Festival Images Sonores : A Musical Journey

  • Date(s) and time(s): Sunday, May 8, 2022 (5pm)
  • Price: Free admission
  • Place: Liège

S. Wéry, CHAMBER © Milena Forest

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Sarah Wéry, composer
Milena Forest, scenographer and ceramist
Trio Apsara, recorders
Christophe Morisset, serpent
Anthony Millet, accordion
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics

This concert offers a spatialized musical journey in the church, opposing ancient works and connotations to contemporary creations. The public will be able to discover mixed works written for ancient instruments such as the sserpent or the recorder and accompanied by an electronic device, by the Belgian composers Gilles Doneux and Paul Pankert. The virtuosity of the Apsara Trio will also apply to other contemporary types of recorder, such as Paetzold square recorders (designed in the 1970s) or recorder slideflutes made in 3D in a work by Belgian composer Jasper Vanpaemel.

The program:

Jacob van Eyck (1590-1657), Pavane lachrymae for recorder
Paul Pankert, Pavane for recorder and electronics
Sarah Wéry, CHAMBER for 3 Paetzold flutes and electronics (commissioned by the Centre Henri Pousseur) *
Jasper Vanpaemel, XYZ for 3 slideflutes manufactured in 3D and electronics
Martin Matalon, Traces X for accordion and electronics
Gilles Doneux, Piece for serpent and electronics

* world creation

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