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Festival Images Sonores 2021 : Olivier Pé – CHAOS LOGOS

  • Date(s) and time(s): September 3rd and 4th: 4pm-7pm (installation) & 8pm (performance), September 5th: 2pm- 6pm (installation)
  • Price: Free admission (installation)
  • Place: Liège, E2N Atelier Haecht

© Olivier Pé
Olivier Pé : CHAOS LOGOS

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Concept: Olivier Pé
Sound: Centre Henri Pousseur
ULiège authors: Hervé Caps (physicist), Stéphane Adam (psychologist) and Maud Hagelstein (philosopher)
Narrators: Sarah Guilleux, Claire Blach and Raphaël Denys

Olivier Pé’s installation/performance CHAOS LOGOS is part of the Emulation project, which dedicates 2021 to the cross-exploration of several points of view about CHAOS.

In common parlance, this term is synonymous with confusion, serious disorder. But in fact, the current meaning of this word is nothing more than an end point (provisional, who knows?) a semantic development spanning several centuries. Indeed, originally, the term chaos was not specifically negative. The Greek word χάος meant ‘fault, gaping’, or ‘gaping depth’, and the notion of chaos plays an important role in Greek mythology. Some ancient philosophers regarded chaos as the root cause of all things. After a few wanderings in time and several terminological meanings, chaos is even at the base of the word gaz, a translation that the French language owes to the Brussels alchemist and chemist Jean-Baptiste Van Helmont (1579-1644) who used it in his treatise Ortus Medicinae, dating from 1648, in the sense of ‘subtle substance’. From there, the word has woven its way into most European and non-European languages. On analysis, it could be that, polysemic at will, it emerges nourished by meanings encouraging a nuanced perception of a singular but – oh how – evocative term.

Benefiting from the knowledgeable eye of a visual artist passionate about philosophy and musician in his spare time, Olivier Pé’s interdisciplinary approach travels, not without humor and distancing, certain cross roads listed among a collection of fields of human knowledge and experience. In “Chaos Logos”, it is therefore a question of collision and incarnation of academic language, distortion of the image of the authors, sound matter progressing towards a magmatic musicality, particular scenic and relational device and scientific opinions sought. (For the Free Emulation Society: AFL & JV)

In collaboration with the Société libre d’Émulation
Home : E2N

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