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Festival Images Sonores : Cantate Partisane (1)

  • Date(s) and time(s): 27.04.2019  -  14:00
  • Place: Liège, Musée de la Boverie
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Tony Di Napoli, Cantate Partisane 

Tony Di Napoli : lithophone and voice
Caroline Marçot, Géraldine Keller, Isabelle Deproit, voice
Centre Henri Pousseur (Patrick Delges) : electronics

How can we speak in a troubled time that is ours? What artistic acts can we do to try to reverse this trend of growing inhumanities? From the radio, the acoustic vibrations of the daily news reaches our ears, but what do we really hear?

Cantate partisane is a work composed by Tony Di Napoli for three female voices, male voice, 18 sound stones (lithophones) and electronic device. 

As a basis for this composition, 6 notes, the fundamentals of which are tuned according to 4 different tunings, each spaced a quarter of a ton.The voices of the singers, through an electronic device developed by Centre Henri Pousseur vibrate the stones by creating direct interactions between the harmonics of the voice and the partials of each stone.

Cantate Partisane is meant to be a subjective and direct speech, a desire to create links between the process of artistic creation and everyday life. 

This performance is presented as part of the inauguration of the installation Chant 2 – Source de la Meuse by Tony Di Napoli at the Museum de la Boverie. To read more about this installation, please click here.

A coproduction by Résonance Contemporaine for les Six Voix Solistes and Centre Henri Pousseur

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