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Festival Images Sonores @ Flagey

  • Date(s) and time(s): 14.12.2016  -  20:15
  • Place: Brussel, Flagey
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The 2016 edition will end on a high point, as the Centre Henri Pousseur is also presenting, and for the first time, a concert evening in Studio 1 at Flagey. The programme features, besides the three new compositions of this festival (works by Andrea Mancianti, Kasper Toeplitz and Davide Ianni), the free jazz and hard core of the Austrian Alexander Schubert, a performance with fluorescent tubes by the young Dane Simon Løffler, and the unique soundscapes with cello of Sebastian Rivas and the Canadian Sabrina Schroeder.

Tom De Cock (percussion), Maarten Stragier (e-guitar), Benjamin Glorieux (cello), Vincent Daoud (sax)
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics

Andrea Mancianti, Autophagy II – [Mikrophobie] ** for percussion, e-guitar and electronics (2016)
Simon Løffler, b for 3 performers (2012)
Sabrina Schroeder, Stircrazer II * for cello and electronics (2012)
Davide Ianni, Indeed there will be time ** percussion, e-guitar and electronics (2016)

Kasper T. Toeplitz, Reflux – Reformation ** for percussion and electronics (2016)
Sebastian Rivas, Uqbar * for cello and electronics (2006)
Alexander Schubert, Superimpose III – Infinite Jest for e-guitar, percussion, sax and electronics (2010)

* belgian premiere ** world premiere

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