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Meakusma – Ostbelgienfestival : Paul Pankert – Connected

  • Date(s) and time(s): Sunday September 4, 2022 (2.30pm)
  • Price: 6-22 €
  • Place: Eupen

Paul Pankert: Connected

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Paul Pankert, mixed works

Connected for violin and electronics
Toccata for harpsichord and electronics
Pavane for recorder and electronics
Remote 2.0 for flutes, e-bass, percussion and electronics

J. S.Bach: Sonata BWV 1023 in e, Allegro-Adagio ma non tanto: version for violin and electronics

Claire Lecoq, harpsichord
Tomma Wessel, recorder
Anne Davids, flutes
Vedran Mutić, bass guitar
Achim Bill, percussion
Paul Pankert, violin, electronics
Centre Henri Pousseur, électronics

Paul Pankert’s experimental approach with new tonal systems led to his first composition “Spaltung”, which won the composition competition of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium in 2008. Pankert was Artist of East Belgium from 2018 to 2020. In 2020, his CD “Connected” was to be presented live at the Ostbelgienfestival. Due to the pandemic, the event had to be postponed several times. Today, the time has finally come. “Connected” gives an overview of Pankert’s work for acoustic and electronic instruments.

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