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Open Day Conservatoire royal de Liège

  • Date(s) and time(s): 30.03.2019  -  15:00
  • Place: Liège, Conservatoire royal de Musique (Espace Pousseur)
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Concert of mixed music as part of the Open Day at the Conservatoire royal de Liège

Yann Robin, Chaostika for percussion and electronics
Matteo Bourgogne, création for ensemble and electronics
Denis Geerts, création for ensemble and electronics
Jonah Blumenthal, Saurdino for guitar and electronics
François Couvreur, Trash TV Dance for cello and electronics

Rémi Lafosse, percussion
Ian-Elfinn Rosiu, cello
Camille Devoulon, guitar
Ensemble Hopper
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics

© J.-C. Graas

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