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Festival deux Visages de la Musique électroacoustique

Annual appointment with this festival, organized by Musiques & Recherches and Centre Henri Pousseur, this year on 1 and June 2 at Espace Senghor in Brussels.
1st of June Musiques & Recherches presents the program Vidéomusiques.
Image and sound enrich each other and depict the intimate relationship
between the two arts. The evening will illustrate the many possible ways
of approaching the meeting points between these two media. Works by,
among others, Hiromi Ishii, Wilfried Jentzsch, Chikashi Miyama and João Pedro Oliveira.

On June 2 Centre Henri Pousseur invites Sara Picavet (piano) and Benjamin Glorieux (cello), both founders of the collective Aton’&Armide.
The program includes in addition to works for solo piano (L. Nono and
J. Harvey) and for cello solo (M. Matalon and K. Saariaho), 2 Belgian
compositions for duo (G. Auvray and D. Janssens), all with electronics.

Festival 2 Visages de la musique électroacoustique

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