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Prize Henri Pousseur 2019

Every two years, a special prize awards a young composer, sedent of a
Conservatory of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles in Belgium.

Award Terms:

1.     Enrolled as composer (student or graduated) at one of the three Conservatories of the French community (Brussels, Liège, Mons) or at the IMEP.

2.     The age limit for the competition is 35 years old at the last day of the application deadline.

3.     Providing a detailed biography and a proof of enrollment from the Chair of the institute (enrollment or graduation).

4.     Sending the score and recording (CD or other support) of a mixed music work, together with the score of a piece of your own choice.

Application deadline is <b>8 January 2020</b> (date of the post mark).
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